Wholesale Pricing List & Delivery Fees
Effective September 30, 2016
6 Quart Ice Cream $39.91 [includes $2.75 refundable tub/lid deposit]
2.5 Gallon Ice Cream $63.20 [includes $3.00 refundable tub/lid deposit]
1 Gallon Sorbet $34.12
1 tub 50 unwrapped izzy pop frozen treats $81.90 [includes $3.00 refundable tub/lid deposit]
1 Box Wrapped izzy pop frozen treats [24 units] $41.69
1 Box of ice cream sandwiches [16 units] $64.67
Box of Izzo Cups (5 oz. cup) [24 units] $59.73
NOTE: Prices subject to change.

Deposit for Tubs/Lids.  To keep your costs down we use plastic returnable tubs.  The tubs are also good for storing ice cream because when the lid is on it can keep out odors from your freezer from seeping into the ice cream.  We charge you a deposit on these and when you return them we will issue you a credit for them that you can apply towards your bill.  We do ask that you ONLY return tubs that have been emptied, washed and cleaned, and not damaged; also make sure you do not store food in them.  The food you store in them can leech onto the plastic and negatively effect the ice cream we put back in there, even if the tub is washed.  We also ask that you please check your tubs and lids carfeully and only give us tubs back that we can actually use.  We don’t want have to reject your returned tubs and lids.   

When returned (clean, empty and undamaged) deposits are as follows:

  • Lids: $0.75
  • 6 quart tubs: $2.00
  • 2.5 gallon tubs: $2.25

DELIVERY.   We are committed to keeping an inventory of flavors so that you can order them for next day delivery.  These flavors are listed in our Wholesale Inventory List; this list is updated twice per year at the beginning of May and October.  Please use this list to order from.  

What if I want a flavor not on the list, but I know that Izzy’s makes it?  You may order flavors of ice cream that Izzy’s makes, that are not currently on the Inventory  List, but you will have to wait for it to be made.  It can take us 5-7 days to make a flavor not on our inventory list, and sometimes even longer.  This is because we have to get the flavor into our production run, and sometimes we may even have to order ingredients to make your flavor.

Delivery Days.  We deliver Monday – Friday, with the exception of Holidays.  

Ordering Cut Off is 6 AM.  We use third party storage to store our ice cream inventory and have limited access to the building. This makes it difficult for us to access the warehouse more than once a day, and impossible for us to access it after they close (they are closed on weekends).  Any ice cream orders from our Inventoy List received by 6 AM will be delivered that immediate business day.  If we receive your order after 6 AM, we will deliver the ice cream the next business day.

Free Delivery.  We are able to deliver your ice cream free of charge if  your order meets our minimum of $115.00 and you are within our Free Delivery Zone.  We consider St. Paul and Minneapolis in our Free Delivery Zone.  If you are outside of the Twin Cities, please contact our ordering office and we will let you know if there will be an additional charge for your location.

Deliveries Under $115.00.  Additional $20.00 per delivery.

Split Delivery Dates.  If you have an Inventory List Order and a Custom Order on separate dates for deliveries, each order will need to make our $115.00 minimum.

Same Day Emergency or Weekend Delivery Charge.  For emergency orders left after 6 AM and left with a request to deliver that same day Monday-Friday, we will add $20.00 to your order.   For emergency orders needing to be delivered on weekends we will add a $25.00 charge to your order.  Please note that we may not able to access ice cream at the warehouse, and it may be impossible to deliver your requested order.  We will always try our best to get you ice cream in an emergency if we are able to.

Will Call.  We do offer picking up ice cream at our Minneapolis shop.  It works best if you place the order one day before you pick it up so we can prepare the invoice and have your ice cream ready.  If you come in without an order we are limited to what we can sell you, as our wholesale ice creams are stored off-site in third party storage.  

Samples.  If you would like a free sample of a flavor on our Inventory List, please let us know at the time you order.

Tours.  If you would like to set up a kitchen tour to see our ice cream making facility, please let us know.  We schedule short 15 minute tours for wholesale customers.

Tastings.  If you would like to come to Izzy’s for a tasting of ice cream, please let us know.

Payment.  You may pay with cash, check, credit card or ACH payment.  If you are interested in paying with credit card or ACH payment please ask to be set up.  We send out email receipts to you when we submit payment with your credit card or ACH payment; credit card payments are ususally made within 5-7 days of your delivery and ACH payments are run twice a month.   We require COD or prepayment on all new wholesale orders for the first two deliveries, even if you have been approved for terms.  To be considered for 30 day terms, please complete our credit application.  If your account becomes past due, we will request payment be submitted prior to delivering ice cream.  

Order by Phone:   Call 612-721-0041 to place orders as well (leave message for orders delivered the following business day).   Remember our ordering cutoff time is 6 AM.  We process phone orders without contacting you back.  If you do want a phone confirmation, please let us know.   

Online Ordering Info:  Order at  We will email you to let you know we received your order.