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Why use Izzy’s Ice Cream at your restaurant, shop or grocery store?

It’s Tasty.

We take care and time to put only the best ingredients in our ice cream.

  • Our ice cream is 16% butterfat, giving Izzy’s a rich, creamy flavor. Most other brands use less butterfat.
  • Our ice cream is made from cream produced at Lamers Dairy, a family dairy farm in Wisconsin. We have been to the farm and seen the cows graze in the pasture, being milked, and mooing.
  • The family farmers of Lamers Dairy sign a notarized affidavit that promises they will never use artificial hormones like rBGH or rBST.
  • We use eggs in our ice cream base, giving our ice cream a rich taste. Some other brands of ice cream may not use eggs. The eggs we use are cage-free.
  • We use beet sugar in our ice cream base and organic cane sugar to macerate our fruits.
  • We use the finest ingredients from all over the world to flavor our ice creams. We use 100% pure Madagascar bourbon-vanilla from Nielsen-Massey in our vanilla and vanilla bean and a Nielsen-Massey bourbon-blend in our chocolates and other flavors. We use extracts, flavorings and purees from the best, well-known, respected sources.
  • We use fruit directly from fruit farms, fruit shares, and local sources when we can. We work hard at finding the best farms in the country with the best fruit.
  • We partner with local businesses to co-brand flavors. A few examples: Peace Coffee, Summit Brewing Company and Pearson’s.
  • For our chocolate ice creams we use cocoa from Guittard chocolate, a fourth generation family owned and operated business in San Francisco. Guittard is one of only ten chocolate makers in the U.S. and one of few that work directly with cacao growers, long before harvest.
  • We are always improving and perfecting our flavors. We keep innovating and sourcing to make the best product we can.

Our Customer Service.

  • Izzy’s provides one-on-one customer service. With Izzy’s you are able to talk directly with owners, ice cream makers, and kitchen managers for direct service.
  • Our staff is educated, helpful, accommodating and trained in the area of customer service.
  • Will Call. Forget to order your ice cream? Izzy’s offers a will-call service where you can come pick it up during operations of our retail hours.
  • Server Support. Login directly to Izzy’s wholesale website to learn about our ice cream and ice cream flavors. Get ingredient lists. Get information on inventory lists, fees and delivery procedure 24/7. Get tips and information your servers can use to talk and speak about our ice cream with customers.
  • Get next day deliveries on ice cream orders from our current inventory list. Same-day and weekend deliveries offered for an additional cost.
  • For current long-term customers committed to serving our brand exclusively, partner with the Izzy’s ice cream making team to develop your own, unique flavors to sell.
  • Its Brand Following. Owners Jeff and Lara work hard every day to make the brand known.
  • We have our own retail shop, and many of your customers already know Izzy’s ice cream and will associate your serving our ice cream with excellence.
  • Our brand gets a lot of media attention, both local and national. Our latest honor: 2012 Best Ice Cream from City Pages and on Saveur’s web site.
  • We have a strong social media presence. Our customers follow our Flavor Up! (what flavors are currently in our dipping cabinet) in social media through an automated web-radio frequency system owner Jeff developed.
  • We are growing. We keep growing our customer base.
  • We have passion, vision, and work tirelessly towards excellence. Just talk with owner Jeff if you are unsure of this.
  • For customers using our ice cream exclusively in dipping cabinets you have the option of licensing our trademark mark, Izzy Scoop. We have a registered trademark on the exclusive use of the extra scoop we put on our single and double cones in our shop, called the Izzy Scoop.

It’s Hand Crafted, It’s Local, It’s Family Owned, It’s Green.

  • We make all our ice cream by hand in batch freezers. This artisan way to make ice cream requires more labor and is slower, and less-efficient than if we were to make 100 gallons at a time in a continuous freezer. But using batch freezers allows us to quickly adapt our recipes, be nimble and flexible with recipe changes, and continuously improve on flavor. We stand behind our hand-made process; we think it produces a superior ice cream.
  • We are a local, husband and wife owned business. We make all our ice cream in St. Paul, Minnesota, right next door to our retail scoop shop.
  • We use a returnable plastic tub for our ice creams.
  • We harvest the sun from 200 solar panels on top of our kitchen to produce about 1/3 of our energy required to make our ice creams.
  • We use an innovative Zap Water system that is chemical free and toxic free in our ice cream making kitchen.
  • We use an innovative freezer packs system to deliver our ice cream instead of using gas consuming freezer trucks.
  • We are always innovative and working on systems that add value to our carbon hand print.