Our Basic Recipe


When we set out to choose a dairy, we wanted to find one that shared our commitment to quality and sustainability. Dairy farms are drying up across the Midwest, which was why we felt it was even more important to choose a local dairy dedicated to great-tasting milk, healthy cows, and small family farms.

Lamers Dairy, a fifth-generation family dairy in Appleton, Wisconsin, produces high-quality, hormone-free milk from cows raised on select family farms within 25 miles of the dairy. That’s important to us.

The milk is some of the freshest available. That’s because it’s bottled and available for purchase within hours of being picked up from the farm. Lamers debuted in 1913, and it is still run by family today, with some of its youngest members attending high school and college while working part-time.

At Izzy’s, we believe in creating experiences that connect people back to the land and farmers who produce their food. Lamers’ commitment to integrity and quality means we have a direct connection to our food source—and the people and cows who produce it—every day.


We use cage-free eggs, cane sugar, and plant-based stabilizers carob bean gum, guar gum and carrageenan.  Stabilizers give our ice cream its consistency in texture.  Without them, our ice cream would crumble.  Carob bean gum comes from the seeds of the carob (locust) tree, native to the Mediterranean.  The guar bean is ground and mainly grown in India and Pakistan, although it is also grown in some parts of the United States.  Carrageenan is extracted from red seaweeds.

Jeff and I are excited to share with you the fruits of our efforts in sourcing our basic ice cream recipe. From this basic cream recipe we add all best ingredients we have found into our flavors. Our flavors are always works in progress for us, as we keep improving them as we find better and more tasty ingredients.  No flavor is really ever complete, as we can always do better.

Here’s to a better future! – Lara Hammel, Co-Owner & Founder