Corporate Events FAQs

At what locations do you cater?

We cater in the Twin Cities/Metro Area only.

Do you cater weddings or other non-business events?

No. We have stopped catering at weddings and other non-business events. Our focus now is only on large corporate events.

What is your minimum catering cost?

Our minimum is $2,000 for an event.

Do you have non-dairy options?

Yes. We make a non dairy ice cream with a coconut base. We also make a non dairy sorbet. It is always good idea at least one non-dairy option for your guests who do not eat dairy.

How many flavors should we offer?

For catering events, the most popular flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies N Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Simple, classic flavors and a limit of 2 or 3 flavors works best for the sundae bar, because your guests will have the option to put many toppings on their ice cream. Of course we make lots and lots of other flavors if you so choose (among those, Salted Caramel is a favorite!).

Can I reduce the price of my event by offering less toppings and sauces than my total guest count?

No. We charge you per guest for our housemade sauces and toppings so the volume of toppings will always cover the entire guest count. Additionally, we always bring extra housemade sauces and toppings so that you never run out. You can, however, reduce your costs by not offering toppings at all, and just offering scoops of ice cream in a cone or cup, or by offering pre-packed novelty items, such as Izzo Cups.

Why do I need Dry Ice?

We bring dry ice just in case – if it’s warm, we bring dry ice to stop the ice cream from melting. If there are leftovers, we will also leave the dry ice to keep the leftovers cold after we leave, if a freezer is not immediately available. Although we do charge for the dry ice, we may not even have to use it. But, for peace of mind, we always include it.

If I provide linens do I need to pay to rent Izzy’s linens?

Yes and No. If you provide the linens for the banquet tables, we can take those charges off your invoice. We will, however, bring some along just in case and ask permission from you to use them if circumstances so require. However, we also use square, black linens that go around our tubs that we do need to keep on the invoice.

Can I reduce my labor by providing scoopers?

Not usually. For very large events we are able to reduce the quantity of servers we bring, but only if you have an especially large event for which it would be difficult for us to bring the necessary number of servers. Although scooping may look easy, it is actually quite physical, difficult work. Our servers are trained on how to scoop and have logged a lot of hours, and so they are pretty efficient at it.

What if I have a budget to work with?

By all means give us your budget, and we can try and work with it (for instance, we can offer smaller scoop portions).

What do you do with the leftover ice cream and toppings?

Most customers do not want the extra product as it comes in large tubs and requires a large freezer to store, so we bring it back to Izzy’s. We do not offer refunds or credits on unused product, nor do we store the ice cream for you. If you do want to keep your unused ice cream, please let us know and we will be happy to leave the tubs with you after your event. Please just make sure you have a large freezer to store the ice cream in. For an extra charge we can pack your ice cream in smaller pint containers at the end of your event.

It seems like we didn’t use all the product you bought. Did we over-purchase?

We base our quantities on our 15+ years of past catering experience. It is difficult to always predict with exact accuracy how much product you will go through, so there may be times you have too much product, or times when you did not have enough. Your guest count may be different than anticipated, which can affect quantities used, as well. Please note that we also bring extra product, extra sauces, extra toppings, extra ice cream cups, and extra ice cream tubs to avoid running out of product. We label these “extras” and if we should be running out during your event, we will ask for your permission to use more product. If you do give us this permission, we will bill you for the extra product used after the event.

Do I tip your caterers?

We do not require a tip but our staff greatly appreciates it if you are able! We can work that into your quote ahead of time (% or flat fee), or we also accept a check or cash at the event to split among the staff who serve at the event.

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