Tenant Appreciation

For Your Next Tenant or Employee Appreciation Event.  Let us Prepare a Quote For You.

We specialize in serving ice cream to large groups of 500-1500 guests. We have years of proven expertise in serving entire office buildings for tenant appreciations in the downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. We will prepare a quote for you based on our past experience of what employees, tenants or customers want. We also know how much ice cream and toppings the average guest will eat and can offer advice based on what works best for your situation. If you want to customize, go ahead and pick out your ice cream flavors, what housemade sauces you would like served, and which dry toppings you want. It is your event in the making.

Your ice cream event is worry-free. We prepare everything at Izzy’s, deliver it to your site, and our Izzy staff sets it up, serves it, and cleans up. No need to worry about freezers and melting ice cream as we bring our own “freezer” pack system. No need to worry about scooping ice cream and finding out it’s too soft or too hard as we do the tempering. No need to worry about running water or electricity as we are self-sufficient.

Some things you will need to consider:

  • We have a minimum requirement of $2,000 per event. Most events run about $4.00-$5.00 per person.
  • You provide banquet tables for us to use. We usually need 3 or 4 banquet tables.
  • You provide the location for us to serve.

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Ice Cream Novelty Service for your Tenant Appreciation Event

Want something a bit easier to grab and go?  We offer housemade novelties and ice cream cups that we can serve to your guests nice and quick.  It is a perfect treat to take back to the office.  Our novelties come individually prepackaged.  We can set up a novelty station in your space or our servers can go around and deliver to your employees’ individual desks and offices.

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