Will my home cooler and ice work to store the ice cream if I pick it up?

Ice will not keep ice cream frozen!!! Ice can even cause ice cream to melt faster. We have a long “scientifical” answer for the reasons that ice will not work. A home cooler will work with dry ice or insulated compostable boxes that you can buy from Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe. The insulated boxes we use are specifically engineered to help us keep ice cream frozen – especially with the help of dry ice. If you get a catered event we use our freezer bags with frozen cartridges to keep the ice cream cold (no electricity needed!). If you ever hear Jeff talking about the freezer packs we use he uses words like phase change, delta point, and an array of science terms…Jeff loves thermodynamics so much he wishes Click and Clack of Car Talk would do more episodes on thermodynamics instead of all the car stuff.

Why do I need dry ice?

We use dry ice to maintain the cooler(s) at or around 0 degrees, and in some cases to make the cooler(s) colder to the stop ice cream from tempering further. *Note dry ice can be dangerous in two very different ways: 1 – dry ice is -109 degrees Fahrenheit and can burn skin in as few as three seconds upon direct contact. 2 – dry ice sublimates and in so doing “consumes” oxygen the danger is a person could suffocate in a closed environment like a walk in freezer or refrigerator full of lots of dry ice.

Will the ice cream tubs fit in my home freezer?

Our 2.5 gallon ice cream tubs are 10” tall by 10” wide so we think it will fit in your freezer but we admit to some bias on this question.

How much ice cream do I need?

The average serving size is 5.33 oz per person…to make this scoop size for a sundae, use a 4 oz scoop… almost everyone we know over-scoops ice cream. We have it down to a science. Figuring these numbers you will find that a 2.5 gallon tub = 320 ounces of ice cream will serve 60 people.

What are the most popular flavors?

In catering the most popular flavors are: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Oreo and Peppermint Bon Bon. Simple, classic flavors and keeping your guest choices to 2 or 3 flavors works best for the sundae bar because your guest is putting so many toppings on the ice cream. Of course we make lots and lots of other flavors.