Kid Birthday Parties

Kid Birthday Parties 2020.  NEW!  Birthday parties moved to our Minneapolis shop.  Now birthday party kids get to experience, first-hand, our ice cream making kitchen.  Don your hairnets and come into the Izzy’s world. Parties available Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday days.

NOW BOOKING For January 10, 2020.  Our birthday parties are popular and fill up months in advance.  Call 612-721-0041 to book your birthday event today.


Ages: For kids ages 6-12.  Our program is developed for kids ages 6-12.  Kids these ages LOVE our super-fun, hands-on parties and kids younger or older, not so much.  We are here to please your little guests, so we do stick to the age requirements.

Length of Party:  The party lasts 1.5 hours.  If you choose Pizza or X-Tra Time Option, the party is 2.0 hours.  After two hours, kids are ready to move on.

Price: Standard Party: $300 for up to 10 kids + 2 adult chaperones.

Down Payment: We require a $30.00 non-refundable down deposit to book a date and time.   We book parties in our Minneapolis location only on Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday days.

Party Options:

Pizza Time $400: Get two (2) large Pizza Luce pizzas and extra-time (30 minutes) in our Mezzanine to enjoy it.

X-Tra 30 Minutes: $350: Get an extra-30 minutes to play a game, open presents, or whatever you would like.

Birthday Party T-Shirts:  We bring an Izzy’s birthday party T-Shirt for each kid guest.  $20.00 for each T-Shirt.

More Guests: Go ahead and invite additional guests. Fees per additional guest: Standard Guest: Kid $30.00 Kid and Adult $15.00, X-Tra-Time Guest:Kid $35.00 and Adult $20.00, Pizza Option Guest: Kid $40.00 and Adult: $25.00.

Length of Party:  The party lasts 1.5 hours.  If you choose Pizza or X-Tra Time Option the party is 2.0 hours.  After two hours, kids are ready to move on

Hosts: You’re not just renting a space, we are hosting your party with two (2) expert, experienced ice cream scoopers.  These hosts help guide, teach, and make sure that everyone is having a good time.  Parents can just chill and relax while we take your guests through the Izzy’s experience.

Parents and Guardians:  We limit adult chaperones to two (2).  The event works best if we don’t have too many parents around.  It’s best to leave behind all the parent/kid dynamics that can occur with having too many parents at an event. This allows our hosts to take command and we find that the kids are more focused and engaged without too many parents around.  We do allow up to two chaperones to come along and watch the journey.  As chaperones they will just be viewing and not doing, but each chaperone will get their own sundae or slices of pizza if Pizza option is chosen.

Invitations: We give you complimentary Izzy’s birthday party invitations and envelopes for each guest.  We give you five (5) additional ones in case you make a mistake and need a new one.


The Kitchen Tour:  Your kid and their friends go from ice cream novice to ice cream pro by the end of the day.  They will learn everything they ever wanted to know about the wonder of ice cream as our hosts guide them through the Izzy’s Ice Cream Tour.  They will learn how ice cream is made, where our ingredients come from, how we come up with their favorite flavors.  They will learn all about food safety by donning colorful hairnets, wearing an Izzy’s apron, and washing their hands our hand sink that our scoopers and ice cream makers use.

Private Space:  Party upstairs on our Mezzanine or Kitchen space.  You will have your own reserved party space.

Make Ice Cream: Guests make their own collaborative ice cream Birthday Flavor on a mini-ice cream machine.

Brownies:  While the ice cream is freezing, the group participates in making a batch of brownies.

Decorating: Once the brownies are baked, guests decorate their very own brownie treats using our cake decorating tools.

Izzy Pop Making: Each guests learns how to make their very own Izzy Pop Treat.  Izzy Pop is a little-ball of ice cream, hand-dipped into chocolate.

Retail and Freezer Tour: Guests learn all about what it takes to be an Izzy’s ice cream scooper.  From peering into our walk-in freezer to see the hundreds of tubs of ice cream to seeing from behind the scenes how our ice cream scoopers scoop an ice cream cone.  Scooping cones is actually really hard work.

Sundae Bar:  Each kid and adult guest make their way into our ice cream shop to order up their own ice cream scoops and add whatever toppings their hearts desire.

Pizza Option: Eat slices of Pizza Luce pizza back at your private party space. (extra)

X-Time Option:  Do your own activities, additional activities, in your private party space. (extra)

Party Favors: Guests do not leave empty handed.  Each guests leaves with a decorated brownie, hand-made Izzy Pop treat, free kiddie ice cream come for a future Izzy’s visit.

Contact us below or call 612-721-0041 to book a party date and time and our Birthday Booking Team will be able to answer any questions and help reserve a spot.

Sorry kids, have a grown-up fill this out.

Izzy’s Birthday Party FAQs

Where are these parties hosted?
Birthday parties at Izzy’s are hosted at our Minneapolis location downtown Minneapolis (1100 2nd Street South Minneapolis, MN 55415). This is where we make the ice cream for our retail shops! Street parking is available or drop-offs are the best plan.

When should we arrive?
We recommend having your entire party arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of the start of your party so the hosts can get everyone going right at the party start. There’s 1.5 hours full of fun to be had!

When can my kid’s birthday party take place?
We can currently host parties on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Call for available times.

Can you accommodate allergens?
Yes, we can! When planning your party, let us know about any allergens (dairy, egg, gluten, nut), and we can work with you to ensure everyone can have a great, allergen-free party experience.

Is there a deposit?
A non-refundable $30 deposit is required when booking the time and date of the party. If you want to reserve a tentative party date, we will hold that date for you for up to three days with no deposit.

Can my 5-year-old have their birthday party here?
We’ve found that the activities in the party package are best suited for 6- to 12-year-olds. It’s A-ok if a 5-year-old is on the guest list but please reach out in advance to let us know.

Can I bring along my 6-year-old’s younger sibling?
Since the activities in these parties are perfect for kids between 6 and 12 years old, someone younger than 6 may need help doing them. It’s OK if a younger sibling comes along, but we ask that an adult assist them with the activities.

How many kids can we invite to a party?
Typically, parties have two adults and up to 10 kids. If you want to have one adult chaperone and 11 kid guests, that is also a possibility. We are able to handle a few extra guests but please let us know how many you wish to invite and we will work with you to determine how many we can host (typically up to 12 kids is doable).