Kid Birthday Parties

Thank you for thinking of Izzy’s Ice Cream for your next Birthday Party! We will be taking a break from hosting birthday parties from November 11, 2019 through January 10, 2020. Please consider joining us next year for new and exciting changes to our birthday party package. We cannot wait to celebrate with you in 2020!

Kids Birthday Party: Best of the Twin Cities
You want your kid’s birthday to be a day they’ll never forget. A birthday that tops every birthday before (and after). And a memory you can always look back on and say, “Holy smokes, that was fun!”
An ice cream birthday party lets kids be kids, craft their own goodies, make homemade ice cream, try their hand at cake decorating, and, most importantly, eat ice cream. What could be better?

What to Expect at Your Ice Cream Birthday Party
Every birthday party at Izzy’s comes outfitted with two expert ice cream-loving hosts who guide every party from the minute it starts to the moment we wave goodbye. This means a seriously hassle-free experience for parents and an incredibly fun time for kids.

      • Each party lasts 1.5 hours. You can add more time if you want a little more party in your kid’s birthday for an additional $30 per 30 additional minutes. This is perfect when you want extra time to open gifts, play a game, or eat party food and snacks.
      • We’ll decorate the party space before you show up with festive balloons and decor (and clean up once the party’s over).
      • Party favor grab bags for each guest stuffed with take-home ice cream treats, a balloon, and coupons for free ice cream on your next visit.
    • Price: $250 for any standard birthday package.

You can customize your birthday party by adding more time in our party room, adding up to two guests, asking for nut-, gluten- or dairy-free options, and more. Check below for party add-ons and let us know about any dietary restrictions.

Izzy’s Birthday Party Package
Every birthday party is hosted at Izzy’s St. Paul location. While these parties are super fun, the hands-on activities aren’t ideal for children younger than 6 years of age (or older than 12).

The Classic Party Package
This party will have your kid and their friends go from ice cream novice to pro by the end of the day. They’ll learn everything they’ve ever wanted to know about the wonder of ice cream in Izzy’s St. Paul birthday kitchen, including how ice cream is made, where our ingredients come from, and how we come up with their favorite flavors.
When the grand tour is over, the guests jump right into making their own special birthday batch of ice cream.
While the ice cream is mixing and freezing in the ice cream machine, every guest chips in to make a batch of brownies, which will be decorated and taken home for a delicious snack when they come out of the oven.
Next, the guests try their hand at cake decorating. They’ll learn techniques and tips to piping and decorating with fun colors of frosting—just like our own cake decorator!
When the decorating fun is over, each guest can make their own Izzy Pop Frozen Treat—our take on ice cream on a stick.
We finish the birthday party by taking a tour of where our scoopers work—which means seeing how they scoop the perfect scoop of ice cream and the giant freezers we store all of our tubs and treats in. Then, everyone gets to indulge in their own kiddie scoop sundae bar complete with Izzy Scoop and any smattering of toppings and whipped cream their hearts desire.
What guests do:

    • Behind-the-scenes Izzy’s tour
    • Learn about how ice cream is made
    • Make a batch of ice cream
    • Make and bake brownies
    • Learn cake decorating techniques
    • Decorate freshly baked brownies with new skills
  • Make their own Izzy Pop

What guests eat:

  • Ice Cream Sundaes: Kiddie scoop with an Izzy scoop, plus all the sauces and toppings you want!

What guests take home:

    • Balloon
    • Decorated brownies
    • Handmade Izzy Pop Treat
    • Birthday kid gets the homemade ice cream
  • Free Kiddie + Izzy coupon for your next visit!

Price: $250 for eight kid guests and two adult participants (add $25 for each additional kid participant. Each party can have up to 10 birthday guests and two chaperones).

Ice Cream Birthday Party Add-ons
If tossing on aprons, crafting your own ice cream, and sprinkling on as many toppings as you can muster while being surrounded by your best buds in a veritable ice cream wonderland isn’t enough, we offer even more to make your kid’s birthday the very best it can be.
Extra Kid Guests: $25.00 per guest
Your party can have up to two (2) additional birthday buds.
Extra 30 Minutes: $30.00 per 30 minutes
Want just a little extra time to open gifts, eat ice cream, and have fun? This is perfect for you.
Extra Adults: $7.21 per adult
While our fire codes won’t let us have extra adults in the kitchen (even birthday parties have rules), they’re welcome to experience a tour of the birthday kitchen and a sundae of their own to enjoy in our party space, the Knitting Room.
Invitations: $1.00 per invite
Invitations for your birthday guests can be ordered online or over the phone. When they’re ready, you can pick them up at our St. Paul location or we can mail them for you.
Izzy’s T-Shirt: $18 each
The perfect way to remember the best birthday ever—an Izzy’s t-shirt. Choose from any of the styles and sizes we have in our online shop (link), and this commemorative classic will be ready to don on party day.

Contact us below or call 651-603-5081 to book a party date and time and our Birthday Booking Team will be able to answer any questions and help reserve a spot.

Sorry kids, have a grown-up fill this out.

Izzy’s Birthday Party FAQs

Where are these parties hosted?
Birthday parties at Izzy’s are hosted at our St. Paul location (not our Minneapolis location). The St. Paul birthday kitchen is best for teaching partygoers all about ice cream making while letting them dig in and make ice cream and goodies themselves. Gift opening, pizza eating, and other party activities happen in our party room, lovingly referred to as the Knitting Room, which is connected to the ice cream shop.

When can my kid’s birthday party take place?
We can currently host parties on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Call for available times.

Can you accommodate allergens?
Yes, we can! When planning your party, let us know about any allergens (dairy, egg, gluten, nut), and we can work with you to ensure everyone can have a great, allergen-free party experience.

Is there a deposit?
A non-refundable $25 deposit is required when booking the time and date of the party. If you want to reserve a tentative party date, we will hold that date for you for up to three days with no deposit.

Can my 5-year-old have their birthday party here?
We’ve found that the activities in the party package are best suited for 6- to 12-year-olds. It’s A-ok if a 5-year-old is on the guest list but please reach out in advance to let us know.

Can I bring along my 6-year-old’s younger sibling?
Since the activities in these parties are perfect for kids between 6 and 12 years old, someone younger than 6 may need help doing them. It’s OK if a younger sibling comes along, but we ask that an adult assist them with the activities.

Why can’t there be more than 10 kid guests at a party?
Unfortunately, the Knitting Room’s fire code limits the number of people we can host at one time. Typically, parties have two adults and up to 10 kids. If you want to have one adult chaperone and 11 kid guests, that is also a possibility.