Pints & Sandwiches & Pops

3 Pints & 4 Ice Cream Sandwiches & 8 Izzy Pops

$75.13 + ice cream travel fee

Treat your college kid to ice cream just like you did when she was six. Send this box and win the care package of the year award. Spread the love of Izzy’s this holiday season with this mixed collection of our favorite frozen treats. This is the perfect box to meet all of your ice cream needs. Ice cream, ice cream in a cookie sandwich, ice cream dipped in chocolate…you can’t get more ice cream than that!

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NOTE: One of our Ice Cream Travel Agents will contact you within 1-2 days (but usually sooner) with the shipping fee. At that time, our agent will have the final total and you can then decide if you want go ahead with your order or not. We ship our ice cream out every Wednesday for arrival on Thursday or Friday. Orders finalized before Monday at Noon (Central Time) will ship Wednesday, however, orders finalized after the weekly cut-off time will ship the following Wednesday.