Why can’t you tell me how much shipping will be right now?
Since we use multiple carriers and are exploring many different shipping methods, our ice cream travel agents first need some time to find the most economical way to get your ice cream to its final destination.  After you place your order it will be pending until we reach out to you via email/ phone to confirm the final details.

What’s included in the “Travel Fee”?
Travel fees change depending on where we are shipping but we shop around to find the most affordable option to get your ice cream to its destination. Depending on the zip code of the shipping location, the price will adjust but we’re happy to go over options with you when you place your order. Our insulated eco-friendly box is included in the price (see below for more info) and the dry ice is added to Travel Fee. We use different amounts of dry ice depending on where we are sending the ice cream.

How long will it take for my ice cream to arrive?
We ship our ice cream out every Wednesday for arrival on Thursday or Friday. Orders finalized before Monday at Noon (Central Time) will ship Wednesday, however, orders finalized after the weekly cut-off time will ship the following Wednesday.

I love Izzy’s and I really need my ice cream a.s.a.p, can you make an exception for me?
We need some time to process your order and prepare everything for safe travel, but we always try to accommodate special requests. Contact us directly at (612) 721.0041 during business hours and we’ll see what we can do.

Will my ice cream arrive frozen?
Our eco-friendly box is packed with enough dry ice to keep it frozen for up to 2 days.  The mushroom panels act like styrofoam and provide enough insulation to keep the ice cream frozen.

What is a mushroom box?
We wanted to scrap plastic and synthetic packaging and pursue a better way to get ice cream to your front door.  With the help of Ecovative Design we have a new mushroom box that insulates and keeps your ice cream frozen.  The mushroom panels are made out of corn stubble + the root of all great mushrooms = your Ice Cream Box.  It’s environmentally responsible, compostable and performs just like styrofoam (but more earth conscious).  It’s compostable, renewable and reusable.

To learn more check out the link below and see the science behind your new ice cream box:

Is dry ice dangerous?
The dry ice is wrapped in paper placed at the top of the box.  You should never touch dry ice with your bare hands.  Brief touch is okay, but longer than a few seconds will result in injury that needs to be treated immediately.  Take extra care when handling dry ice.  Always use a glove or an oven mitt when handling dry ice.  Do not leave dry ice on tile or surface countertops that could be easily damaged. Unwrap the dry ice and leave it at room temperature in a well ventilated area.  It will sublimate (melt) from a solid to a gas.

Can I swap out flavors in my 4 pint box? 
For an additional $2.00 per pint you can swap out and get any flavor you want.  For every other box though, you can custom order through the drop down menu when you are ordering.

What happens when my ice cream box arrives?
No signature required.  We authorize USPS to leave the package at the recipient’s address without a signature. That way the recipient doesn’t have to be home to accept it and the ice cream doesn’t go through multiple delivery attempts.

What happens when I’m done with the box?
You can reuse your box for a picnic or road trip, compost it, or best of all, send it back to Izzy’s and we’ll reuse it here at the shop.  When you send it back, you will receive a gift certificate for a free pint OR a free pint will be tossed in to your next order.  We’ve left room in every ice cream box for a free pint in hopes of you returning the box and continuing to order with us.

How do I send the box back?
1) Remove the ice cream.
2) Place the lid back onto the box similar to how you received the box.
3) Remove or fully cover any hazardous material labels (the white labels on the side).
4) Schedule a pickup at usps.com/pickup, or drop it off at any USPS or FedEx location or Izzy’s Ice Cream.