Our Ice Cream

The Izzy’s Ice Cream kitchen crew preps for a day of churning out hand-crafted ice cream and making dreams come true.

Handmade Ice Cream Matters

Ice cream is more than just a dessert.

It’s sweet relief on a hot day.
A perfect ending to every perfect evening.
And it’s been by our sides at our best (and our worst).

Here at Izzy’s, we get that. We take to heart that ice cream plays a lot of roles in your life, and it’s been right by you when you need it most. No matter how it stacks up, we understand its importance—whether it’s there for your first date, your last date, your golden birthday, or your high school graduation—it has a place and a part.

Co-owner Jeff readies ingredients as the recipe-creation process begins.

That’s why at Izzy’s, we don’t take making ice cream lightly. We come into our kitchen, throw on our aprons, and before the sun’s even up, we get to work on hand-crafting some of the best darn ice cream you’d ever need.


Doing Ice Cream Justice

Before our ice cream ever hits a sugar cone, it’s lived a loved life.

The beans steeped to make Peace Coffee have been roasted to perfection. The local brews in Summit Oatmeal Stout are the result of passion. And our one and only ice cream base is what happens when five generations of a family proudly carry on a tradition in the heart of Dairyland.

If we didn’t dedicate as much spirit into each tub of ice cream as others have put into the ingredients we use, we would be doing an injustice. That’s why we take the time to prep the fruits, wood-fire the pistachios, crush the biscotti, and marinate the coffee beans—the love is in the details.

Kitchen Operations Manager Emily making ice cream- Cayenne-coated praline pecans bring heat to the creamy, caramelized base of Hot Brown Sugar.

Every recipe starts from within us or our neighbors across the Twin Cities, and we build on those ideas to curate the quality ingredients, create just the right processes, drum up another recipe card, and craft another harmonious flavor to add to our repertoire.

We understand the importance of watching the cream freeze in the chamber so that it’s extracted at just the right moment—not too frozen, not too soft—before we mix in each cookie and add every swirl of fudge. Every recipe is made right from the heart from start to finish.

The truth is, we’re a small crew of passionate people in the heart of Minneapolis who find joy in making what brings you happiness every day. Batch after batch, flavor after flavor, we’re doing exactly what we love because we know that ice cream matters.