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You like a fast-paced intense job, full of people, and full of excitement. You like to work when things are hopping – at night, especially weekend nights. You love to be around people. You love to talk with customers. You like to hear their stories of where they are from, what they are doing, and what their favorite flavors are. You like to help them figure out which flavor they want. You can figure out a way to make the same story exciting, to make it sound like new.
When it’s quiet, you are curious about what this is, where things come from, how things work, and you always want to learn more. You aren’t afraid of a broom, mop, or toilet. Cleaning up makes you feel good and useful. You feel pride when you do things well and take the time to care and help out.
You smile a lot. You smile when your friends and family are happy. You smile out in public at people you don’t know. You often get a friendly smile back.
You are at least 16. But if you are 15 by May 1st of this year (sorry we do not hire 14 year-olds), you are mature for your age and ready to take on the work, school, and family balance. You make your own schedule and are always on-time and never miss your commitments. If you are a year-round employee, you are available to work right after school lets out during the majority of your school year.
Your co-workers are your friends. You are all on the same team. You rally together to meet a goal. You encourage and support each other to do your best. You celebrate your successes together and learn from your mistakes together.
You have strong wrists and are looking to get some serious arm muscles.
You love Izzy’s ice cream. You can’t wait to taste all 100+ flavors. You like solar power, recycling your garbage, and cows.
You like journeys. Figuring out where you are going and how to get there is half the fun.
You want to work at least three shifts a week, year-round. You want to work more hours in the summer, and less hours in the winter. You want to work mostly in the evenings, especially on weekends. You want to work at just one place, Izzy’s, and for a long time, like two or three years (or more). You want a flexible schedule where your co-workers pick up a shift for you now and then, and you pick up shifts for them when you can. You want a place that encourages you to grow, do better, and take on new responsibilities.  Jobs like making waffle cones, dish washing, kitchen prep, hosting little kid birthday parties, and maybe even shift leading sound challenging, but fun.
If a lot of these things sound like you, go ahead and apply. We would love to hear from you. We hire for our Minneapolis  and St. Paul locations. Starting Rate is $9/$9.50 per hour, depending on your age.