Charitable Giving

 Here at Izzy’s we focus our charitable giving by donating to organizations through our 13 Days of Giving program.

What is 13 Days of Giving?

13 Days of Giving is our annual philanthropic event, where we help raise money for a variety of local and regional non-profits and charitable organizations. From February 1st to 13th, $2.00 from every single scoop- cup, sugar cone, cake cone or waffle cone will go towards a different organization.

How do I participate?

If you’d like your organization to be considered please fill out the application questions to the right and click submit. We will stop accepting submissions on October 1st. We have a variety of different organizations that will apply and only 17 will be selected each year (we feature 1 organization each weekday February 1st-13th and we feature 2 organizations each weekend day) .

How will I know if my organization was selected to participate?

The selected Organizations will be informed at the beginning of November. If you aren’t selected this year please reapply next year.

What is expected of me if my organization gets selected?

You aren’t required to do anything! But if you are selected you are welcome to join us at the shop on your featured day to talk to customers about who you are and what you do (and where the money is going that day!). Organizations have given us pamphlets/flyers/materials ahead of time and we display those in the shops as well. Blasting on social media to come in for a scoop has helped, too- it’s whatever you want to make of it! But mostly getting the word out to come in and enjoy some ice cream is the way to go! $2 for every scoop adds up and we also have boxes out for additional donations the day of.

Does Izzy’s do any other donations?

We currently are focusing our donations into 13 Days of Giving only. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we are unable to continue individual donations at this time but we are excited to offer the opportunity to apply for 13 Days of Giving more publicly!