August Flavor of the Month

Welcome to another Izzy’s Flavor of the Month! What is Flavor of the Month? We’re showcasing some of our favorite flavors every month AND giving you an Izzy Buck when you purchase a single or double scoop or our fun new tall cup (formerly the white Izzy’s pint) of that flavor!

August Flavor of the Month:

Brown Sugar Bourbon 

This impeccably smooth ice cream starts with rich, molasses-y brown sugar from Billington’s, and is finished off with mellow undertones of Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s a complex, full-bodied flavor that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. How would we describe the essence of enjoying Brown Sugar Bourbon? Picture yourself relaxing in a cozy leather armchair, snuggled in a plush cashmere blanket, and savoring in the heavenly bites of this delectable treat. Sounds perfect right? We think so too. This premium Bourbon ice cream is fit for a Queen!

Explore the making of Bourbony feat of ice cream perfection with our wonderful kitchen worker Rick!

Billington’s brown sugar was chosen for its unique richness, depth of flavor and gorgeous natural color. 

The brown sugar needs to be thoroughly mixed to incorporate it fully into the ice cream and to make sure there are no unwanted chunks of sugar in the finished product.

Rick “slurries” the brown sugar in warm water before adding it to the ice cream mix.

This bottle of Knob Creek is waiting to be added right into the mixing ice cream to give this flavor the perfect whiskey kick.

Rick adds the slurried mix of brown sugar right into the mixing ice cream.

To enhance the flavor profile of this sweet treat, Nielsen Massey vanilla is added right into the mixing ice cream.

Rick measures out the Bourbon before adding it to the mixing ice cream.

Look at that perfect swoop of ice cream!

This Brown Sugar Bourbon is ready to be scooped!

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