Now Scooping: Lemonberry Icebox Cake!

Head over to your local Izzy’s Ice Cream shop and grab a scoop of the Flavor Contest Non-Dairy Best in Show winner Lemonberry Icebox Cake created by Maria Linn-Evans! This flavor was inspired by Maria’s favorite icebox cake made by her dad when she was younger and we’re so glad to have her share this delicious creation with us.

Lemonberry Icebox Cake is made with a lemon non-dairy ice cream base, blueberry pie filling swirl, and generous chunks of pound cake. Is your mouth watering yet?

Getting those perfect swirls is no small task!

Make it a win-win occasion and get a scoop of both Best in Show winners Strawberry Mint Mojito and Lemonberry Icebox Cake on your next visit, while supplies last. Expect to see these flavors featured throughout the year in our dipping cabinets!

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