Izzy’s June Flavor of the Month: Chocolate Caramel Superstar!

Chocolate Caramel Superstar⭐

Welcome to another Izzy’s Flavor of the Month! What is Flavor of the Month? We’re showcasing some of our favorite flavors every month AND giving you an Izzy Buck when you purchase a single or double scoop or our fun new tall cup (formerly the white Izzy’s pint) of that flavor!

June Flavor of the Month: Chocolate Caramel Superstar

Chocolate Caramel Superstar, what a name! Why is this ice cream such a superstar? Well, it starts with a magnificent base of rich chocolate ice cream, mix in crunchy rice krispies, and ribbons of buttery delicious caramel. What could be better than buttery ribbons of caramel swimming in silky smooth ice cream with the contrast of crunchy chocolate krispy bits? We like to think there’s nothing better!

How is this superstar made? Take a flavor creation trip with our wonderful kitchen workers Rob and Cami to find out!

We start with a premium Cocoa Powder from Guittard to create the chocolatey flavor explosion found in Chocolate Caramel Superstar. This flavorful Cocoa Powder comes from the amazing Jersey cow!

Rob gets to work mixing up the chocolate for the creamy chocolate base

Look at that chocolate drip magic!

Cami preps the buttery caramel and chocolate krispies that are hand mixed into the chocolate ice cream base.

Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is poured right into the mixing Ice Cream.

Rob adds the luscious caramel and crispy chocolate krispies, and swirls them into the mix by hand.


This Chocolate Caramel Superstar is ready to enjoy!

Have you seen the new Chocolate Caramel Superstar tall cup?

Be sure to get your Chocolate Caramel Superstar Izzy Buck with your purchase of a single or double scoop or our fun new tall cup (formerly the white Izzy’s pint) of Chocolate Caramel Superstar!

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