Izzy’s Flavor of the Month!

Why Butter Caramel Salted Swirl?

Introducing the first ever Izzy’s Flavor of the Month! What is Flavor of the Month? We’re showcasing some of our favorite flavors every month AND giving you an Izzy Buck when you purchase a single or double scoop or a pint of that flavor!

May’s Flavor of the Month:

Butter Caramel Salted Swirl

For the whole month of May, enjoy $1 Izzy Buck when you buy a single or double scoop or a pint of Butter Caramel Salted Swirl.

What makes Butter Caramel Salted Swirl so special?

Well, it’s an upgrade to a flavor classic: Salted Caramel was our first great flavor to pioneer the sweet and salty combo and Butter Caramel Salted Swirl builds on that solid flavor foundation, stretching it to a new realm. Crafted with ribbons of buttery caramel that float in delicious creamy Izzy’s base, the swirls of sea salt create the perfect contrast to the rich caramel. This updated flavor gives bursts of salted caramel throughout the buttery base and is more nuanced and more fun to eat!

How do we make this symphony of savory flavors? Join us on a flavor journey with Olivia, one of our fabulous kitchen workers!

We start as we do with all our ice cream, with the magical Izzy’s Base.

Next comes the Sea Salt from Penzy’s Spices and our special combo of tasty buttery caramel. To make sure there are no salt chunks in the base we dissolve the salt in water

How good does this caramel look? Yum!

Olivia is prepping the salted caramel that is folded into the Ice Cream

Next, she mixes the Caramel Ice Cream Base

And combines all the ingredients in the machine to mix!

Olivia has finished adding all the ingredients and now waits for the ice cream to finish mixing!

It’s looking good!

To add the ribbons of caramel found in Butter Caramel Salted Swirl it’s poured right into the ice cream in layers!

And then is folded in by hand.

Check out that caramel!

This batch is Butter Caramel Salted Swirl is ready to go!

Treat yourself to a scoop of Butter Caramel Salted Swirl today!

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