Introducing the Izzy’s Gift box 🎉🎁

Introducing the Izzy’s Gift box!

Love Izzy’s Ice Cream? Need to give a gift to a client or someone in your office? We’ve got you covered!  This Izzy’s gift box comes with 4 Pint Coupons for the receiver of this package to come into the shop and get any four flavors of Izzy’s Ice Cream pints of their choice, our dark-chocolate Izzy’s Hot Fudge and our buttery Izzy’s Caramel Sauce, some delicious Wonderland Park Espresso beans from Peace Coffee, our very favorite pure Bourbon vanilla from Nielsen Massey, the best MN maple syrup from Wild Country, and wondrous flavor filled Guittard chocolate. This box represents some of our best ice cream flavors and ingredients.  

Won’t the Ice Cream melt?  Nope. The gift box comes with mocked-up pint containers with coupons on the lid for your gift receiver to go get their own “free” pint flavors at either of our two shops.  

Meet Izzy’s owners’ (Jeff and Lara’s) favorite choice ingredients:

Wild Country Maple Syrup

Michael and Carrie Baker are the co-owners of Wild Country Pure Maple Syrup. After buying the business this passionate syrup making team continue to create our favorite Maple Syrup!

This award winning Maple Syrup is 100% pure and all natural. Wild Country Maple syrup is locally produced in the Sawtooth Mountains off Lake Superior in Lutsen, Minnesota. This unique syrup blend is a special combination of light, medium and dark syrup. Jeff and Lara chose this syrup because they really loved the flavor! They are always looking at quality suppliers that can grow with the business, and Wild Maple fits the bill. Jeff and Lara enjoy this syrup regularly and are always delighted by the deliciously complex flavor.  Wild Country Maple Syrup makes its home in our Maple Nut ice cream.

How to enjoy this bottle?Jeff and Lara use this on their pancakes, french toast and breakfast sausage! This special syrup is also used on “Izzy Day” (our birthday- July 29th) drizzled over mini waffles topped with an Izzy Scoop of Cream Cheese ice cream.

Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract

Our choice for vanilla is produced from hand selected beans from Madagascar.

Nielsen Massey has been in business since 1907, making premium vanilla for high end food production. They use a cold extraction process that preserves the 300+ natural flavors found in vanilla beans, creating a full flavor profile of creamy, mellow flavors. Jeff and Lara chose this vanilla for its pristine reputation and its wonderful consistent flavor. When Jeff met with the Nielsen family to learn about the vanilla trade and purchasing vanilla, he fell in love with the flavor of this particular vanilla because it stood out against all the rest.  Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract finds its home in our Vanilla Izzy’s Ice Cream, and is included in many of our other flavors.

How to enjoy? Jeff and Lara use this in french toast batter. Jeff is a French toast making pro. Lara also uses this as her secret weapon in her famous chocolate oatmeal cookies. Double yum!

Guittard Quetzalcoatl Bittersweet Chocolate

Crafting fine chocolate since 1868, Guittard is a winner for one of our choices of chocolate.The dark, rich, flavors found in the Quetzalcoatl Bittersweet Chocolate are the perfect base for our Izzy’s Chocolate ice cream.

Guittard is 5th generation family-owned and it has a deep understanding of crafting fine confectionery. Jeff and Lara choose this chocolate because, simply, it’s their favorite and just the best. Jeff was invited as a guest ice cream maker to Guittard, and loved that they’re a family operation, and of course loved their premium product!  We use Guittard’s Quetzalcoatl Bittersweet Chocolate and it’s premium cocoa powder. In our constant search for flavor excellence we are always working on making the chocolate ice cream better, and there will always be room for improvement. But nothing beats the flavor found in this particular candy bar and our chocolate ice cream! Guittard chocolate finds its home in our Chocolate-based ice cream flavors.

How to enjoy?

Jeff is a self proclaimed chocolate expert, and also says he eats chocolate on a professional level. This is his favorite chocolate after eating chocolate all over France, and he says to “simply pop a square in your mouth and enjoy!”

Wonderland Park Espresso beans from Peace Coffee

With beans hailing from Guatemala and Peru, the Wonderland Park espresso is a unique blend combining chocolatey notes balanced with spice and nougat flavor that comes together in a smooth medium body.

Peace Coffee has been roasting fair trade and organic coffee in Minneapolis since 1996. They strive to make exceptional tasting coffee that preserves and protects the environment. Jeff and Lara chose to use specific roast after taste testing, and Jeff is impressed by this flavor. Izzy’s has partnered with Peace coffee since Izzy’s inception with a desire to make a premium and traditional crema style ice cream. Wonderland Park Espresso from Peace Coffee finds its home in our Guatemalan Coffee ice cream.

How to enjoy? Grind the beans, brew the coffee, and enjoy! Jeff drinks Wonderland Park Espresso every morning.

These choice ingredients come with the Jeff and Lara stamp of approval and make a premium addition to this gift basket! Give the gift that always comes in the right size, a basket of Izzy’s love!


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