Butter Queen Coffee ice cream is now available!


The 2015 State Fair is a wrap, but if you missed-out trying our new Butter Queen Coffee ice cream, now’s your chance. Stop-by and have a cone or grab a pint to take home!

Here’s what the press said about our Butter Queen Coffee ice cream:

I’m going to go out on a limb and declare that nothing bests the Butter Queen Coffee Ice Cream at Hamline Church Dining Hall. For the past few summers, Izzy’s Ice Cream has gone all-out for the St. Paul congregation (which is marking its 118th year at the fair!), and 2015 is no different. This time, Izzyites have ingeniously incorporated a brown butter finish into a smooth coffee ice cream, punching it with luxurious chocolate espresso flakes. It’s called Butter Queen Coffee Ice Cream — a mash-up on the trendy Bulletproof coffee, a stir-butter-in-your-coffee trend, and the sculpted-in-butter busts of Princess Kay of the Milky Way and her retinue — and it’s truly a classic. —Rick Nelson, Star Tribune

This was the first thing we tasted at the fair that sent us into gibbering bouts of competitive expressions of happiness. Every move made by this Izzy’s confection was balletic and perfectly poised, from the mellow, true impact of the coffee flavor to the gently (but not insistently!) sweet character of the ice cream overall. This is an ice cream we’d seek out at the store, bring home, and hide from our loved ones. —James Norton, Heavy Table

Very good. Really rich and buttery coffee ice cream. Win the fair by making your Izzy on top be Mini Donut Crunch. GET IT —Stephanie March, Mpls St. Paul Magazine

Like the Mini Donut Crunch, this was made by Izzy’s and Izzy’s pretty much doesn’t ever concoct a bad tasting flavor. GET IT —Drew Wood, Mpls St. Paul Magazine

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