2015 People’s Flavor Awards

Tickets are now on sale for the Tasting Event on Father’s Day, June 21, 2015.

$14 for adults and $8 for kids ($16 and $10 at the door). This year the Tasting Event will be at our MINNEAPOLIS location (different than years past!)

You can buy tickets to the event HERE

The People’s Flavor Awards is an Izzy’s tradition held every-other summer where we take submissions from our customers for ice cream flavors. Four finalists are chosen from six categories (Kids, Chocolate, Mix-Ins, Fruit, So Local, and Specialties). We make the ice cream and customers vote at the contest. Ballots are counted and winners are announced in each category, including a BEST IN SHOW!

9 comments on “2015 People’s Flavor Awards

  1. Have you heard of a Canadian favorite, Tiger Tail ice cream? Vanilla and orange sherbet swirled together with a black licorice stripe? Fantastic, but never available in the US. Any chance you could come up with an Izzy’s version of it? It is delicious!

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