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Contact:  Shannon Leach, Izzy’s General Manager

Izzy’s Ice Cream Hiring 25 poets

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[Saint Paul, MN] Want to join the team that makes and serves what has been named some of the best ice cream in America? Start by writing a haiku:

A spoon raises high
Cold greets lips, flavor behind
Inhale, taste, exhale.

Izzy’s Ice Cream is looking to hire 25 new people this May, and has hand-crafted a hiring experience that they hope will bring in cream-of-the-crop workers. Starting today (Saturday 04/19), Izzy’s is inviting anyone interested in joining the team to submit a haiku about their ice cream eating experience.  And the haikus don’t need to be written. Applicants are welcome to submit a set of images, or even sound files as their poem (full rules can be found HERE). Once their submission has been received, applicants will receive a special set of instructions to a hiring party next Friday (4/25), where they will play games, enjoy free food, and can start the next step of the hiring process.

A company that has excelled by thinking outside the box, Izzy’s is looking to hire employees that can do the same, and thought the haiku a perfect introduction to potential workers. “Haikus are accessible, meticulous, and have a latent curiosity in them” says Izzy’s General Manager Shannon Leach- “these are values we would love to see in anybody we hire.”

An imaginative and detail-oriented approach to ice cream making is what catapulted Izzy’s Ice Cream to critical recognition since it opened its doors in 2000, and what they hope will continue to sustain it for years to come. But it all hinges on the people doing the work.  So, with summer rapidly approaching, Izzy’s approached Dangerous Productions, a Saint Paul based arts organization, to create a hiring experience that would set it apart from the competition and attract a special kind of worker.

Those workers have a lot of options open to them, with job openings for both customer service and kitchen staff at both its Saint Paul and Minneapolis-based locations. With most of the work being very physical, Izzy’s is looking for a strong team ( ages 16+ with a few positions open for 14 and 15 year olds) offering both seasonal and year-round work. Promotions are a very real possibility, especially for employees whose values align with those of the company.  There’s lots of work to be done from scooping to cake decorating to sauce making, and at Izzy’s every step counts.

“We want people who work hard, and like to learn” says says Izzy’s owner Jeff Sommers, “people with creativity, curiosity, and perseverance. If you’re a leader who is willing to be taught, work your way up, and value other people, then Izzy’s could be the place for you…”

Working with my hands.
Craft. Delight. This dream I make
Serves my soul, your heart.

Izzy’s Ice Cream Haiku Hiring
April 18-25, 2014

Izzy’s is an Equal opportunity employer.


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