Share Your Izzy’s Story!

Here at Izzy’s, we love to hear stories. Whether it’s about your first time visiting or your first time trying a new flavor. It might have been a birthday party in our kitchen or a scoop you had at a wedding of a friend. It could even be a time you got to see our ice cream makers churning out hundreds of tubs in a day or having a great conversation with a scooper- we love to hear about it all!

We thought we’d share one of our stories here, written by Simon Lancaster, Shift Leader here at Izzy’s, in the hopes of inspiring some story-telling of your own. If you’ve got a great little tale (or even a big one!) we’d love to hear about it- and who knows, you might get to see your story printed here on our website. Email your thoughts, ideas and epic ice cream tales to and we’ll post a few.

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6 comments on “Share Your Izzy’s Story!

  1. My wife & I tried your ice cream shop on Saturday (June 29) while researching for my FOOD BLOG ( St. Paul. Your ice cream, serve and friendly staff made a big hit. I took a photo of the outside and posted on my blog today (Tuesday/July 2)about it and gave your website for people to check you out. We’re from Rochester but will be back for more ice cream. Thanks.

  2. I tried your ice-cream yesterday (July 7) and i loved it! I had an izzy, oreo and cake batter! yum! i heard your vanilla is the best, i’m gonna have to be the judge of that! Waffle, cones? great idea! i need one of those!

    • We’ll keep all these comments in mind- thanks! Thanks for your passion for our soys- we definitely know how popular they are and are excited to have so many fans.

  3. I heard this was THE place to go for Ice Cream! We’re visting from Texas next week and we can’t wait to visit you!

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