Flavor Contest Winners and Finalists

Congrats again to all of the contestants! Here is the list of the 24 finalists from today’s tasting as well as a descriptions of their flavors. The winners in each category are listed in bold and BEST IN SHOW is listed below! Thank you again to everyone that entered a flavor, got into the contest or came to try some new ice cream. We will see you again in 2015!


1 Swiss Honey Nougat- Justin Varghese 
Swiss Milk Chocolate and Honey ice cream with nougat.

2 Chocolate Stout Cake- Andrew Nelson
Chocolate Brownie Batter and Summit Oatmeal Stout ice cream.

3 Island Up NORTH- Ellie Alldredge
Chocolate ice cream with rum, Bailey’s Irish Cream, coffee, nutmeg and coconut swirl.

4 Grandma’s Secret Recipe- Michelle Clark
Chocolate Buttermilk cake ice cream with burnt sugar, coconut, black walnut flavor and butter.


1 Ochi Chyornye- Michael Fallon
Black Currant ice cream with black pepper and honey.

2 Lincoln- Paige Kahle
Lemon chiffon ice cream with ginger snap cookie crust.

3 Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin- Sara Moran
Banana and yellow cake mix ice cream with chocolate chunks.

4 Kaua’i Surf’s Up- Deborah Luthet
Strawberry Guava ice cream with agave, key lime and macadamia nuts.


1 Fruit Rainbow- Jacob Pirozzolo
Strawberry, Banana and Fruit Loop flavored ice cream with Fruit Loops and blueberry swirl.

2 Whiteout- William Ireland
Vanilla ice cream with marshmallow cream, mini marshmallows and vanilla Oreos.

3 Strawberry Bubble Sensation- Carson Kindred
Strawberry ice cream with kiwi flavored popping bubble pearls.

4 Cinnamon Toast- Lyra Sato
Sweet Cream ice cream ice cream with a little bit of cinnamon and toasted malt.


1 Mexican Turtle- Paola Kindred
Salted Caramel ice cream with spiced glazed pecans and chocolate chunks.

2 The Hound Dog- Mary Jo Nikolai
Vanilla ice cream with Jack Daniels, brown sugar pecans, and cinnamon graham cracker crunch with a caramel and fudge swirl.

3 Hot Mama- Molly Rolland
Sugar Cookie ice cream with Red Hots.

4 Essence- Gaku Sato
Vanilla ice cream with Valhrona chocolate pearls.


1 Donuts & Coffee- Uriah Vargas 
Donut and Coffee ice cream made with glazed donuts from Mel-O-Glaze and Guatemalan Dark Roast Coffee from Peace Coffee.

2 Happy Hour- Ashley Peterson
Summit Great Northern Porter ice cream with Old Dutch pretzel milk.

3 Bare Honey Cornbread Craze- Phillip Lind
Cornmeal ice cream with lavender blossom honey from Bare Honey.

4 Last Call- Benjamin Howard
Surly Bender ice cream with roasted salted cocktail peanuts and chocolate covered pretzels.


1 Sweet Beet- Madelyn Mahon
Beet Creme Fraiche flavored ice cream.

2 Poppity Pop- Daniel A. Leary
Salted and Buttered Popcorn flavored ice cream.

3 Breakfast in Dinkytown- Louis Higgins
Malted Maple Blueberry ice cream with walnuts.

4 Prairie Sweet Corn & Honey-  Rebecca Thvedt
Sweet Corn and Honey ice cream.


The Hound Dog- Mary Jo Nikolai
Vanilla ice cream with Jack Daniels, brown sugar pecans, and cinnamon graham cracker crunch with a caramel and fudge swirl.

4 comments on “Flavor Contest Winners and Finalists

  1. Interesting. I guess this is why there are so many different flavors of Ice Cream; everyone’s tastes are different.

    I enjoyed the Hound Dog but it wasn’t in my my top three. I’m very surprised that the Ochi Chyornye didn’t win both Fruit and Best in Show. The black current flavor was intense and the honey mellowed the black pepper nicely for a lovely finish.

    Ah well. I wonder if the finalist would provide the recipe???

  2. Agreed. I do not understand the choices either. All in all, it was all in good fun. Loved the experience. Finding out how the popcorn taste appeared in the ice cream, without the popcorn was interesting and magical. I agree with the comment above, enjoyed the Ochi, however, it was intense. I would like it in an Izzy pop, a lot! Ochi pop, much easier to pronounce.

  3. As a self-proclaimed ice cream expert, I voted for Hound Dog, as did one of my two boys. The graham crackers and pecans added a delightful crunch, while the Jack Daniels and caramel/fudge created a tantalizing combination of pure heaven. I can’t wait for izzy’s to add it to to their menu. My runner up was the kid winner White Out. I’ll be standing in line soon for both.

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