The 228 Tub Sale

The 228 Tub Sale

*THURSDAY UPDATE: We only have 2.5gallon containers remaining! $30 apiece while supplies last. We will post when the sale ends if it all goes before Sunday!

That’s right – tubs. The same behemoth containers you see behind the glass when you walk in our door.

228 of them.

Stella, Izzy’s faithful freezer, sputtered to a halt late last night, forcing 228 tubs of ice cream from frosty chambers to temporary homes scattered across every freezer available in our kitchen.

 Without her subzero temps and massive cubic footage, tubs of the good stuff are being moved from our freezer to yours as quickly as possible
Think ice cream socials, Halloween parties, church groups, cat enthusiast outings, or late-night scoops on the couch for weeks while perusing the best of nighttime T.V.

Forget pints. Izzo cups. Izzy scoops. That’s all kid stuff in this sale. This is serious ice cream for serious ice cream lovers and we’re moving tubs for practically pocket change.

Starting at 3:00, the first 50 tubs sold today are priced at $10 per 6 Quart and $20 per 2.5 gallon tub.
Tomorrow, the first 50 sold are $15 per 6 Quart and $25 per 2.5 gallons.This weekend, whatever’s left will still be sold for a steal of $20 per 6 Quart and $30 per 2.5 gallons. 

We could blame the full moon. Halloween. Even rogue ghosts of freezers past. Or we could call it fate and just rejoice in the fact that Izzy’s customers can live the dream and buy tubs for the lowest prices this side of the Mississippi.

*All flavors subject to availability. Tubs are bound to move fast.

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