Izzy’s Solar panels are plugged-in and running!

Izzy’s is the first shop (that we know of) in the United States to be running on solar.

Click for an actual web site reading of how much energy our solar panels are producing!

Izzy’s High Noon Solar Project took a giant leap forward November 23, 2005 when electricity was produced from the 200 panels for the first time. The inspectors from the City of St. Paul gave the system the green light. The project is moving into its final fundraising push in December and the solar panels are currently generating power every day. Izzy’s High Noon Solar Project began in May of 2004 and is now 18 old. The production and storage of ice cream consumes a lot of electricity. This project is set to cut Izzy’s peak power demand by 30%. This locally produced power reduces electrical demand on the St. Paul grid, which a plus for everyone, while also producing clean energy. The 200 panels will generate 8.6 kilowatts of power during peak production. On a cold and sunny day in January when all the Izzy’s Ice Cream makers are at home resting, Izzy’s will be selling some of these kilowatts back to the grid.

This is the fun part of the solar project-the actual use. In its unique vision, Izzy’s includes a sense of responsibility to the community in which it operates, and is committed to promoting the use of renewable energy, and in particular solar energy systems. The owners look forward to using their system as an opportunity to educate the public about solar energy. They also plan on sponsoring a $500 annual grant to individuals or businesses who wish to install solar energy systems in the Twin Cities metro area.

We started in 2004 with a goal to incorporate sustainable solar energy into the mission of Izzy’s Ice Cream Café to be the first in the nation to maximize the relationship of the sun and ice cream sales – there seems to be a pretty direct relationship between energy use and ice cream sales/consumption.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

128 Café
AA Party and Tent Rental
Adele Binning and Thomas Klein
All of the Staff at Izzy’s
Amy and Bryan Lloyd
Andrew Lambert
Andrew Thomas
Arthur Allen
Callie Sommers
Carol Barton
Chris Solheid
Christopher Larson
City Councilmember Jay Benanav
City of St. Paul City Council
Cynthia Bartoo
Dan Rowe
David Boyce
Dianna Kennedy
Doreen Williams
Fulton Design
Gabriela Sweet
Great Ciao
Greg Hewett and Tony Hainault
Hamline University
Ian and Margery Punnett
Jacqueline Schulz
Jamie Zuel
John Steingraeber
Jeffery Tybalt Chamberlain XIV
Joseph Bauekemper
Kari Olson
Kong Lee
Larry More
Lee Wallace
Lisa Witchell
Liz Oppenheimer and Jeaanne Burns
Lory Schaff
Lyle Sommers
Lynn Torke
Marianne and John Bull
Mathew Massman
Matt Ferry
Michele Swanson
Mike Taylor
Mila Vocal Ensemble
Nina and John Tuttle
Patrick and J Drake Hamilton
Peace Coffee
Pete Nelson Community Market
Pigs Eye Landing
Pride of Main Street Dairy
Ralph Jacobson
Rebecca Rand
Rick Anderson
Ruminator Books
Sabena and Jeff Svedahl
SPI Printing
St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly
St. Paul Neighborhood Energy
Sales Tax Revitalization (STAR) Program
The Green Institute
The Highland Villager
The Saint Paul Hotel
The Women’s Press
Trotter’s Café
Virgina Dunivan
Wahid Gul
R. Vincent Moniz Jr.

A special thanks to my wife (Lara) for her support during this solar project.

An enthusiastic cheer and thanks to the numerous unnamed customers that have given money, volunteer time, and moral support.

If we have missed your name or organization we apologize…please let us know so we don’t miss you the next time we say thank you.

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