Solar update!

We Continue to Build a Solid and Trusting Foundation

With nine months of work behind us, we have solar panels purchased from the Phillips at the Green Institute in Minneapolis, a contractor in place (Innovative Power Systems owned by a Merriam Park Resident), target goals for volunteer labor hours, and a schedule of fundraising events. We are working to build an 8 kilowatt PV system for Izzy’s Ice Cream Café at an overall cost of
$55,000: $20,000 of the cost are PV panels purchased by the owners of Izzy’s. The panels were previously donated by BP Solar (*see for more information on the environmental benefits of solar energy; for one source of our inspiration see to the Green Institute and nearly 100% of this initial cost will qualify for rebate dollars through the Minnesota Department of Commerce and Excel Energy (i.e. a pass through expense for the owners of Izzy’s); $30,000 of the cost will be additional materials and installation of the PV panels. Additionally, we plan to co-ordinate volunteer labor at a value of $5,000 to the overall project. Lastly, the application we made to the STAR program in St. Paul for a grant of $5,000 based on the recommended support of our City Council Representative, Jay Benanav passed on September 22, 2004.

The High Noon Solar Project @ Izzy’s has been awarded a $5,000 Star Grant.

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