High Noon Solar at Izzy’s: A Community and Solar Energy Development Project

Here’s the Scoop

Izzy’s Ice Cream Café is going solar— with your help. We plan to generate 30% of our peak electrical power demand through a new solar energy system. Izzy’s intends to become the first community-supported solar ice cream shop in the U.S. We are working to install an 8-kilowatt solar electric (photovoltaic, or PV) system on the roof of Izzy’s to produce electricity from the sunlight right in our neighborhood.

Why Go Solar?

Many people see the value of clean, quiet, solar energy, but the cost of even a modest-sized solar installation is too high for many households (ie. For further energy policy information see ME3 or Million Solar Roofs). Many homes don’t have the appropriate conditions for solar energy production (south facing, un-shaded roofs). The idea is that because Izzy’s roof is an ideal site for solar energy, we’re organizing people to pool their resources so we can get solar energy into our neighborhood. Many people working together can accomplish what can be difficult for one family to do alone.

Izzy’s works hard to create some of the finest ice cream in the nation. We use pure vanilla and premium ingredients to provide you with the best possible ice cream. Our business had the good fortune of some early success and we used that success to develop our own ice cream mix recipe and we began a year ago making most of our ice cream with milk and cream from the Pride of Main Street Dairy in Sauk Center, Minnesota. A fortunate benefit of this transition is that we are able to give greater support to local dairy farmers, because most of the milk and cream we use comes from central Minnesota family owned farms.

Now we are working to improve the means we use to bring you our great tasting ice cream. Keeping ice cream frozen requires the use of a lot of energy. We currently save on energy use by delivering ice cream in thermo-insulated bags instead of using a refrigeration truck and we save on energy by selling Peace Coffee, a local brand of fair trade and organic coffee that is delivered to us by bicycle.

Putting solar energy on the Izzy’s roof will allow us to produce some of our energy locally, right here at our store, and it will benefit the environment. In addition, to the inherent benefits, we hope to promote solar energy to our customers and the surrounding communities we serve.

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