Our Basic Recipe


That’s a Sassy cow in pasture!

All our ice cream is made with growth hormone-free cream produced on a family farm in Colombus, Wisconsin.The farm is owned and operated by two brothers, James and Robert Baerwolf along with their families. James and Robert place the highest value on the well-being of the cows. They believe that the success of the families’ farm is directly related to how well the dairy cattle are taken care of. The cows are milked in a parlor and housed in a sand bedded free-stall barn. When the weather is mild, the cows are allowed to go out on grass pastures to exercise or lay in the sun. Jeff and I visited the family farm with our two daughters to get a feel of the operation, to see and touch the cows, and learn all about the milking process.  Since being in business it had been a dream of ours to use family-farm cream.  Unfortunately, it was very difficult to find a dairy who would work with our small company. After our visit we knew we found that farm and creamery.

Sassy Cow has a creamery right on the farm.  They use our own Izzy’s recipe and make our ice cream base right there.  The fresh cream comes directly from the cows to the farmstead creamery and is made into our ice cream recipe.


We use cage-free eggs, cane sugar, and plant-based stabilizers carob bean gum, guar gum and carrageenan.  Stabilizers give our ice cream its consistency in texture.  Without them, our ice cream would crumble.  Carob bean gum comes from the seeds of the carob (locust) tree, native to the Mediterranean.  The guar bean is ground and mainly grown in India and Pakistan, although it is also grown in some parts of the United States.  Carrageenan is extracted from red seaweeds.

Jeff and I are excited to share with you the fruits of our efforts in sourcing our basic ice cream recipe. From this basic cream recipe we add all best ingredients we have found into our flavors. Our flavors are always works in progress for us, as we keep improving them as we find better and more tasty ingredients.  No flavor is really ever complete, as we can always do better.

Here’s to a better future! – Lara Hammel, Co-Owner & Founder


Carob Bean                        Guar Gum Bean Cluster